Canandaigua Family YMCA

Wellness & Specialty Programs

Wellness Center Orientation

A Wellness Coach will guide you through 3 sessions where you will gradually be introduced to the proper use of strength training and cardiovascular equipment.  You will learn a safe, efficient and effective exercise program to suit your wellness goals.  Schedule your appointments at the Welcome Center Desk.


Group exercise classes are ideal for the novice, intermediate or advanced health seeker.  We offer a wide variety of class formats with over 85 classes weekly.  Our certified instructors will support and guide you through exciting and effective exercise routines.

Cardio & Strength Classes


Cycle is an invigorating and heart-pumping class.  Participants can work at their own pace.  Cycle challenges both cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

30/30 Series:

The 30/30 class series offers a variation of 30 minute class structures; Cycle & Sculpt, Cycle & Pilates and Tabata Cycle & Strength.

Boot Camp:

This high intensity class combines strength and cardiovascular exercise to maximize fat loss and increase metabolism.


A great addition to your cardiovascular exercise routine.  This class will focus on building lean muscle mass.  Learn safe and effective weight lifting techniques.  Ideal for the novice, intermediate or advanced health seeker.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training):

This strategic exercise protocol alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise followed with less intense recovery periods.

HIIT 30:

Hard hitting.  Hard core.  Crush out a 30 minute, high intensity class before going to work.  Be prepared to sweat.


TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.



Mommy & Me:

Bring your stroller! You and your little one can bond while working out! This class combines resistance exercises with bursts of cardio activity.

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This high-spirited class combines Pilates and Boxing moves.  Sculpt your muscles and improve your flexibility.

Power Hour:

This class takes HIIT and Boot camp to the next level!  Power Hour consists of strength training and cardio endurance exercise.

Sunrise Surprise:

Wake up your muscles with this early morning full body strength training class.

STT (Strength Train Together):

Strength Train Together is your hour of power! This workout program strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivation group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors.

Ultimate Abs:

Ultimate Abs focuses on strengthening your core to make you stronger in everything you do.  Strengthening your core can reduce back pain and give you great looking abs.  Ultimate Abs class is challenging and gets results like nothing else.


Get your hips moving to the beat of the music for a calorie burning, body energizing, and awe-inspiring class.

Row Strong:

This class is a great blend of cardio and strength.  Learn the benefits and technique of rowing.  Class size is limited to 8 participants and operates on a first-come first-serve basis.

Beat Based Cycling:

This music-driven, high energy class will have you dancing in and out of your seat.  As with any cycle class, you can still work at your own pace while challenging your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.


Using a variety of different pieces of equipment including your own body weight, this class focuses on building strength and toning muscles.  Ideal for all levels.

Mind/Body Classes

Gentle Yoga:

An introductory level class with a focus on improving flexibility and increasing relaxation.

Integrative Yoga:

This class combines therapeutic elements and meditation techniques to promote mind and body connection.

Intermediate Yoga:

This class is designed for the individual who has mastered basic yoga postures.


This class utilizes ball and bands to strengthen core muscles along with mat routines.

Yoga Flow (Vinyassa):

This class coordinates movement with breath flow from one pose to the next.


Inspired by Yoga and Pilates as the name suggests, Yogalates harnesses the physical and mental benefits of both practices.


A low impact workout that combines the practices of Pilates and Yoga to build strength and flexibility.

Tai Chi:

Originating in China, this ancient art form cultivates the qi or life energy within us to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body.  Slow, focused movements improve circulation, balance and alignment.

Whole Body Barre:

Dance inspired movements, Barre combines the benefits of Pilates, Yoga and Ballet to engage the core, boost heart rates and build lean muscle.


Pickleball: Enjoy some friendly-competition! All skill levels welcome!

Cost: Free for members

*No Pickleball during open gym times.

For more Pickleball information please contact Justine or call 585.394.6866.