Canandaigua Family YMCA




Adult Swim Classes

*Water shoes are recommended.  Classes are rated on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the easiest and 5 the most difficult cardiovascular intensity.


Senior Splash (Level 1-2, Shallow):

Shallow-water moves to increase mobility and cardiovascular endurance.  No swimming ability required.

M.O.V.E. (Level 1, Shallow):

Let the water MOVE you towards better balance, posture, strength and agility.  This small-group class is great for people with common movement disorders, including neuromuscular.

Aquatone A (Level 3, Shallow):

Full body workout class that combines cardio, strength and mobility.

Aquatone B (Level 4, Shallow/Deep):

All the benefits of Aquatone A, but with a higher level of cardiovascular intensity.


Rise-n-Cise (Level 5, Shallow/Deep):

Full body workout in deep and shallow water.  Core, strength and cardio training at a high intensity level.  No swimming skills necessary.

Full Throttle (Level 5, Deep):

High-resistance, low-impact full body workout mostly in deep water using buoyancy belts.  Core, strength and cardio training.

Muscle to Music (Level 4-5, Shallow/Deep):

Use the rhythms of the music with the resistance of the water for this full body workout.


Aqua HIIT & Swim HIIT (Level 5):

High Intensity Interval Training combining strength and cardio in the water.  Aqua HIIT doesn’t have as much lap swimming as the Swim HIIT does.  This is a low-impact option for HIIT and it will turn those boring laps into FUN!

Water Running (Level 5, Shallow/Deep):

Bring your running to the pool.  Water running uses the resistance of the water to build more muscle and burn more calories, with no impact.

Water Rehabilitation:

The pool is the perfect environment to build or rebuild strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance.

Adult Group Lessons- Beginner

Canandaigua YMCA Lightning Policy

The pool will be closed when there are storms with extensive lightning in close proximity to the YMCA. It will remain closed until the storm cell has passed the area, up to 30 minutes after the last lightning was seen. Members are encouraged to wait out the storm, but out of the water and away from the windows. The National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI) recommends closing both indoor and outdoor bathing facilities during a thunderstorm.

The need to close the pool will be determined by the Aquatic Staff Associate, duty officer or lifeguards on duty. The National Weather Service radio or internet issued reports of “watches” (conditions favorable to develop severe weather) or “warnings” (severe weather reported in the area) along with radar images available through the internet ( should be used to make informed decisions on the timing and duration of a closure. The number of seconds between a lightning flash and thunder divided by five will give you the distance, in miles, from your location. The goal is to provide an increased level of safety for the members and staff without undue interruption to program.

For more information contact Alex, Aquatics Coordinator, or call 585.394.6866.