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The Zone

Primetime is Zone Time

The Zone is an extension of Child Watch for school age children. It is a free program for MEMBERS ONLY for 2 hours & parents must be in the building. While the Zone can be enjoyed by all ages at special times, it is primarily used for Primetime, Monday – Thursday. Children ages 5 and up are invited to the Zone during the hours below. The Zone incorporates innovative ways to get the mind & body moving. The Zone is filled with interactive equipment, including a T-Wall, Exerbikes, Heavy Ball and Railyard Fitness. The equipment takes simple workout movements & puts it to fun interactive games. Your kids will work out as you workout!

Summer Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9am – Noon
Zone is for 5 & Up

Equipment includes:
Heavy ball: Get the ball – follow the light – forget that you’re doing squats and moving as fast as you possibly can. Participants have to move a medicine ball, 4lb, 6lb or 8lb into the hole that lights up, retrieve it from the bottom then quickly move to the next tower that lights up. The player races the clock for the high score.

Exerbikes: Pedal to Play! Participants control their favorite XBox video game by pedaling. They’ll steer, pedal fast & race against others taking the physical aspect out of the game.

T-Wall: Movement, fitness & reaction all in one. Participants must deactivate the lights on the T-Wall as soon as it appears. You must be faster than the light. How many can you turn off? Whether training for power, agility, endurance, flexibility or reaction, T-Wall tests your personal limits.

Railyard Fitness: Let’s build a railyard today; build different obstacles & incorporate different moves using the rails & platforms. It can be assembled in a variety of layouts to build strength, endurance, flexibility, develop coordination and agility, improve cardiovascular stamina, improve posture, build self-esteem & torch calories. This piece of equipment is for groups of kids or adults.

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