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Performance Center


Performance Center News

The new performance center will be focused on individualized small group training, with workouts that fit each person. Enough spinning your wheels on something that might work for your friend but doesn’t work for you. It’s about making a commitment to YOUR health and wellness goals.
We will still maintain programmed workouts of the day with two workouts listed for you to do during open gym time. Additionally we will have our popular AOA, HIIT and future 30/30 classes starting in the performance center. New programs will begin September 11.
  • Please email Melissa if you fall into this category so you can make an easy transition.


    Classes for Adults

    Adult Individualized Training
    Individualized, small group training will consist of 3-5 participants coming from all different lifestyles to focus on building community and support.
    Each program participant will receive an individualized programmatic design and routines, combined with nutritional support from a NYS RD, which focuses on the wants, needs and interests of the participant.
    This is not CrossFit, this is unique in that all participants will have individualized programming based upon their goals.
    Fees for Programmed Individual Workout Plans:
    2 days a week – $50/month
    3 days a week – $65/month
    4 days a week – $75/month
    Special introductory price for Individualized Training Programs September 15 – October 31: $45, $60, $70
    This is 45 days of programming!

    Open Gym
    For ALL Members—Member Benefit!
    This is an opportunity for those who want to work on their own personal functional fitness, strength or mobility. Staffed by a trained coach, we will be on hand to answer any questions about classes or the Posted workout that is available. Two workouts will be posted each day for you to choose from.
    Check Schedule for Times

    AOA Fitness
    Increase balance, flexibility, improve range of motion, tone muscles and build strength with a special functional fitness program for active older adults.
    When: Tuesdays, 11 – 11:30 am
    Cost: $20

    For ALL Members—Member Benefit!
    Your favorite Friday HIIT class will be in the Performance Center. Come and try out some new formats and tools for your Friday burn. This will still be intense with intervals, now with more options to keep you moving.
    Fridays, 9:30 – 10:30 am

    Classes for Teens & Kids

    Junior Athlete I & II
    Strength & conditioning program specifically designed for kids & teenagers that helps them build strength, agility, flexibility and endurance. Workouts are varied to keep it broad, inclusive and scalable for all participant levels.
    Cost: $35/$50, 5-7 year olds, 1 day a week
    Teen Individualized Training
    The teen program is the same as the adult program, but it’s just for this age group. All teens are invited to participate in this fun, physically fit environment. You do not need to be an athlete to sign up.
    This program will be designed to help reduce injury, improve muscular strength and endurance, coordination, improve confidence and increase functional strength.
    Prices are the same as the adult program


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