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    Personal Training Certification

    Become a trainer with our two-day training course from NETA. We’re so lucky to be able to provide this training for you! This 2-day workshop includes: demonstrations and practical application of one-on-one training. NETA’s expert trainer will cover exercise science review, communication skills, exercise programming, health assessments and more. Workshop registration includes, written exam and 2-year certificate. NETA’s Personal Trainer Certification is accredited by NCCA, the “gold standard” in our industry!

    When: May 6 & 7
    Register Today & Get Studying!

    YMCA Water Safety Week

    Free Water Safety Lessons at the Y!

    During Spring Break we will be offering free safety around water lessons for children. These are meant to help children feel more comfortable and confident around water. They aren’t our typical swim lessons and you can pick and choose which lessons you sign up for! We will be offering a variety of topics as well.

    Tuesday, April 18
    Reach, Throw, Don’t Go:

    These are the key terms to know when trying to rescue someone from the water. We will teach you to lay down and reach, throw something to keep the person afloat and to remember never to go in putting both of you in danger.
    3:45 – 4:15 pm for ages 3 – 5
    4:25 – 4:55 pm for ages 6 – 12

    Wednesday, April 19
    Call 911

    Making a call to 911 is important and every second matters within this phone call. It’s important to be prepared for the questions that the operator is going to ask. Precious moments could be wasted in trying to find the answers out – know them before calling!
    1:30 – 2 pm for ages 3 – 5
    2:10 – 2:40 pm for ages 6 – 12
    This is not a CPR course, but it will make children feel more comfortable when it comes to CPR. We will help them understand the process of CPR.
    6 – 6:30 pm for ages 3 – 5
    6:40 – 7:10 pm for ages 6 – 12

    Thursday, April 20
    Backyard Pools

    Summer is the time for backyard pools, but be safe and confident around outdoor pools with this information session. Kids need to know the difference between the Y pool and being outside!
    9 – 9:30 am for ages 3 – 5
    9:40 – 10:10 am for ages 6 – 12
    Pool Drains
    Pool drains are a dangerous area to be around, so it’s important kids learn about the pool drain. Kids will learn the purpose behind the drain and ways to play safe!
    4:30 – 5:10 pm for ages 3 – 5
    5:20 – 5:50 pm for ages 6 – 12

    Friday, April 21
    Life jackets

    Life jackets are meant to save a life, but if they’re not put on properly they’ll do more harm than good. It’s very important to know how to use a life jacket the right way!
    9 – 9:30 am for ages 3 – 5
    9:40 – 10:10 am for ages 6 – 12
    Boating and Open Water
    One of the best past things about summer is boating and swimming in the lake. There are so many dangerous when it comes to boating though. It’s very important children understand the dangerous and know the ways to play safe.
    1:30 – 2 pm for ages 3-5
    2:10 – 2:40 pm for ages 6 – 12

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